She said it doesn’t fit!

December 23, 2008

Are piercings comfortable during sex?

Everyone always asks lots of questions about sex and piercings. I notice lots of “searches” with those words. (Naughty people!)

Lamentably, I am not an expert in that area, so I offer you this tidbit, as food for thought,  from someone who is.  Speaking of piercings through the head of the penis, that is the ampallang (horizontal through the head) and apadravya (vertical),  Elayne Angel says:

These piercings are not apt to bring enjoyment to penetrative sex for couples that have a “snug fit” already.  However, if they have more ease between them, the added jewelry could be just the thing to make them more size-compatible, and bring greater satisfaction to both.

Here, for your convenience, are the BME Encyclopedia articles on the apadravya and the ampallang. From there  you can find all the NSFW piercing pics you want, if you’re looking for that.

The quote is from Angel’s series of articles, “An Approach to Genital Piercings” in The Point.  All of The Point articles are available to read  here: .You haveto page through the .pdf pages, but they are completely worth your while if you are looking for solid information on piercing.

If you’re looking for a good all-around sex manual that you won’t be too embarassed to read, try this great book:  Guide to Getting it On. I see they just published a sixth edition of this great book.  Very detailed with the stuff you want to know, with a light touch.

Which piercings make sex better?

November 10, 2008

Sorry folks, but there’s no magic bullet–or should I say, wand?

People always ask if genital piercings really do make sex better.  Or they ask how specific piercings feel during sex.  They ask, which is better for sex, a horizontal or vertical clitoral hood piercing?  They ask will a Prince Albert feel good during anal sex?  How can I convince my wife to get her VCH?  And on and on.

I think people are way too focused on “which piercings make sex better.” As far as I know, most piercings do not impart a huge amount of direct stimulation. Some may, yes, depending on the combination of partners, individual anatomy, and the piercings themselves. Bigger, sturdier jewelry will of course be felt more and have more impact.  But I think the effect is more subtle than people expect.

There are downsides to piercings and sex, too:  Partners may not like them, oral sex can chip teeth, there is a danger of rippage/accidents, they may even actively hurt the owner of the piercing or the partner during sex, etc.

The most direct benefit, to me, is that piercings heighten one’s sexuality in general.

Piercings, and not just genital piercings either–navels, nipples, and even other placements, because not everyone has the same erogenous zones, can enhance your awareness of your body.  They make you feel sensual, make you more aware of your genitals and your body, they are visually stimulating.   They make you think about sex, and waalaa! — you’re sexier!

As my friend Angel always says, our culture does not support genital pride, so ornamenting your bits for sensation or aesthetics can have a very direct effect on how you feel about your body. Just don’t expect that because you have a hafada or a VCH or whatever, that you or your partner will magically experience orgasms galore.

‘Tis a pity.