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December 8, 2008
Nipple piercing
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So, you don’t know anything about piercings, but have decided to get, for example, your nipples pierced.  How do you go about it?  Here are two different approaches:

Piercee No. 1:

Hey! I like piercings! Does it hurt to get your clit or dick pierced?  It looks like it hurt!  I pierced my tongue with an industrial sewing needle! If you’ve pierced your nipples, how was it? Share all the exiting details!

!!! (emphasis not mine!)

Piercee No. 2:

I really wanted to get my nipples done this weekend, so I called around to 6 or 7 studios near me.  I needed to find one that would pierce with titanium, since I’m allergic to nickel.  I just kept calling until I found a piercer who was knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions.  As soon as I entered the studio, looked around, I felt comfortable, and my gut told me this was the place.  I’m so glad I did my research, because I would have gotten pierced with something totally unsuitable.  Now, I feel confident that I’ve got a good piercing.

These are real people I’ve encountered in the last week, ‘tho their stories are paraphrased.  Don’t know about you, but I know which piercee my gut tells me is going to get a good piercing!

Piercing Profile of the Week: Chris

November 22, 2008


Here’s a great guy who stepped right up to the bat when I was looking for guinea pigs . . . er, interviewees.  I know him as Primal on Tribalectic.

Q. You’re in school, aren’t you? What are you studying, and how’s it going?

A. Yes, I’m a senior at Marshall University.  Right now I am pursuing a Biology degree with my ultimate goal being to bet into veterinary school.  And without being too . . . shall we say arrogant, I must say I’m a pretty smart cookie.  Nerdy too, of course, but I think that’s a prerequisite for doing anything in the sciences, hah! Just to give you an idea of how nerdy I am, I will be starting a research project studying the effects of select medications on mouse sperm fertility.

Q. Mouse sperm, eh? If you find out the effects, can you reverse it? (I have mice in my kitchen.)

A. (Nerd speech here.  Sorry, I near-flunked every science class I ever had.) The research isn’t intended as a new form of critter control.

Q. Rats! Okay .  What’s your favorite piercing?

A. Well, right now I only have my nipples pierced, and I’m quite fond of them.  Unfortunately I was forced to retire my lobes when I started riding my motorcycle.  I’m also quite partial to vertical labrets, and I hope to get one sometime soon.

Q. Can you explain the trouble with the lobes and the motorcycle? How do your nipples piercings cope?

A. When I first started riding my motorcycle, I found the helmet irritated my lobes, which had never really healed anyway.  I have a big head, so my helmet is a pretty snug fit.  I’ve been considering giving it another go this winter and getting some small studs rather than CBRs.

The only issue that I have with my nipple piercings and riding a motorcycle is that my jacket is very thick, heavy leather.  Sometimes I would find after a long ride that my nipples were sore from the weight of the jacket and the unforgiving nature of the thick leather.

Q. Do you have tattoos too?  Are you into piercings more than tattoos?

A. I don’t currently have any tattoos, but I’m certainly interested in them.  However, I would have to have a really good idea for a tattoo, one that really meant something to me, if I were to ever get one.

Q. Do you see yourself growing older with piercings?

A. Oh, most certainly.  However, if my dreams do come true and I become a veterinarian, I will have to keep professionalism in mind, which unfortunately would likely exclude any visible piercings other than lobes.  But, that’s the beauty of piercings, Isn’t it?  They can easily be removed.  I find the aesthetics of piercings only one aspect of the experience . . . for me, getting piercings, especially my nipples, was more about taking control of my life and getting over the anxiety of worrying about what other people think of me.  But oh, my, I think my answer has gone beyond the bounds of the question!

Q. How long have you been on Tribalectic?  Do you have an opinion on the customer service or jewelry catalog you’d like to offer?

A. I’ve been there *counts* right at a year, I believe.  I joined shortly after getting my lobes last November.  It feels so much longer than that, though, because I’ve made so many great friends there.  The store and customer service really is top notch.  I’ve had plenty of so-so customer service experiences with other companies, but the guys over at the Tribe really are the best of the best.  They know what it takes to foster customer loyalty.

Q. What other sites should piercees become familiar with, or that you’d like to recommend?

A. I can’t think of any piercing-related sites, really.  Of course, there’s BME, which is a great resource if you know what you’re getting into.  Otherwise, I would encourage piercees to do as much research as possible.  Google is your friend!  Real the articles on Tribe, read piercing experiences, and most importantly, know your rights as a customer and a piercee.  In the modern Age of Information, where anybody can waltz down to their local library and have the world at their finger tips, there is absolutely no reason to be uninformed.

A. Do you have a snappy comeback line for when people ask if it hurts?

A. I prefer the blank stare that implies something along the lines of, “Are you stupid?”

Yep, that’s a favorite of mine, too!  Suffice it to say,  I rely on Chris and others like him to interpret the science of piercing to me and others.  He’s written a helpful article on endocarditis and piercing risks, which he has kindly allowed me to re-post, so look for it on . . .

another day, bwahaha!

BTW, I’m still a nerd.  Original season classic Star Trek, a lifetime of science fiction, ran a SF convention and everything!