What’s The Point?

December 30, 2008


The Point is the Association of Professional Piercers’ main member publication, and it’s an invaluable resource for anyone interested in body piercing.

All the issues can be found in .pdf format on the APP’s website.  Go to:  For Piercers and Their Advocates->Publications->The Point.

Since they are in .pdf format, they take a while to load, and you have to scroll down to read the articles, but they’re worth it!

Take a look!

For more resources on body piercing, take a look at my Books & Refs page.

Writing about body piercing–I’m doing it wrong

December 27, 2008
doing it wrong

doing it wrong

Oh Noes!

I don’t think James Weber, of Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia, likes bloggers.  He said, in a call for writers, that blogging isn’t enough, and that the preponderance of interview-style writings fosters an ego-centric atmosphere. In Issue 41 of the Point, he writes:

“Is it any wonder that we are an industry populated by huge egos?”

I don’t wonder–body piercing is, in the simplest sense,  about personal adornment and self-expression.  It’s hard to get away from ego when discussing the topic.

So I’m happily blogging away, doing interviews, thinking I’m so clever.  As I’m on vacation this week, and healing piercings, I’m laying about reading back issues of The Point, when I re-read this article.  Oh, shit, I think–I’m not doing it right.

In his opinion piece in, Jim also says some wonderful things:

Piercing–and all body modification–defies language and vocabulary.  Essentially, if we could verbalize or write about what it is we do, we wouldn’t need to do it.

I agree that there’s something transcendent and indescribable about body piercing.  That’s why our passion for piercing isn’t something that we can communicate well to our families and friends who just don’t get it.

Jim Weber has a point, though–most of the articles written about piercings are about us, not from us.  Although I’m sympathetic to Mr. Weber’s call for authors, and I’ve thought about submitting articles for magazines, it seems I could never come up with a worthy topic.   Yet I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of this blog format, so I guess I’m going to keep rockin along the way I want to!

If you think I’m doing it wrong, let me know.  If you would like me to feature something (or someone), let me know.

Some Meta Notes

Although you may notice there’s no interview this week, I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.  Now that there’s some content to organize, I’m beefing up the pages and categories, including the reference pages, cross-linking, etc.

I’m also working on a bit about Mayan body piercing, and an aftercare series, coming soon.