Bias, Policies, and all that yadda

I’m a dummie!  I love the “for dummies” books.  Heck, I love books! Anyway, my Blogging for Dummies book discusses transparency and ethical blogging.  I’m struggling a bit with it, as a new blogger, but this page is for my policies as they develop.

Editing:  Blogging for Dummies says ethical bloggers don’t edit their posts, or edit them in such a way as to indicate what has changed.  I understand the reasoning behind this, but this one’s a tough one for me!  I’m a compulsive editor!  I’m always thinking of things to add.    If I make a mistake, post something inaccurate, need to retract something, I will so indicate and leave the original text in.  Otherwise, I reserve the right to edit for spelling, style, or additions.

Bias:  The posts in this blog reflect my own personal experiences and opinions.  Since I’m not a professional piercer or a medical professional, I post with a lay consumer viewpoint.

  • I am pro: professional piercing, needle piercing, piercing for all ages, simple and holistic aftercare
  • I am anti: self-piercing (under most circumstances); gun piercing, proprietary aftercare concoctions
  • I am a patron member of the Association for Professional Piercers, and I support APP studios and policies.

Commercial endorsements:  At the moment, I do not endorse, represent, or promote any particular products or jewelry.  I am not an affiliate of anyone.  If this changes, I will note it on this page.

Comment policy:  Piercings are not for everyone, but some people feel the need to express their disgust in hateful terms.  I reserve the right to summarily delete personal attacks and rude, hateful, obscene, libelous,  and spam posts.

One Response to Meta

  1. LR says:

    Not related to the topic (Skipping song), but you asked elsewhere, and this is all I can remember:

    SEASHELLS: (long rope, bottom waves until you say over)

    Seashells, cockleshells, Evie, Ivy, over,
    One for the money, two for the show, three for the little boy who lives down the row…

    ( I think another skipper jumps in at two and three)

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