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As you can see, I have a ridiculous number of books and references on body piercing, body art in general, tattoos, jewelry, and related topics.  I love books, and body art, so it’s only natural.  If you are looking for reliable information on body piercing, or just want to expand your knowledge of body modification, you will find lots of references here.

First, let me make my recommendation crystal clear on the best reference for body piercing out there:

The Piercing Bible:  The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing, by Elayne Angel

tpb stock 38811254
The Essential Reference

If you are considering getting a piercing; if you are a piercing apprentice; if you are an experienced piercer; if you are a health professional, a parent, or educator who needs real, solid information about body piercing–You need this book! Published in 2009, this is the only book that covers modern body piercing in detail.  It not only includes tips on how to pick a professional piercer, care for your piercing, and troubleshooting, but it contains detailed information on specific piercings and procedures written by one of the most accomplished piercers in the industry.  It is absolutely unique and invaluable.  I consider it an essential reference for anyone interested in body piercing.

For further reference, browse my pages:



Disclosure: Please note that I am not getting any kickback from any of these books (mostly because WordPress won’t let me); and that I had a small part in developing the concept of the Piercing  Bible, so I can’t be unbiased about it.  It rocks though, trust me!


2 Responses to Books & Refs

  1. Elayne Angel says:

    Cloud is understating her participation in “developing the concept” of The Piercing Bible (not to diminish anything she has to say about the book).

    In fact, The Piercing Bible is dedicated to her: “…with gratitude, for providing the foundation and impetus for this book.”

    Thanks Cloud, for that, and for your current support!

  2. piercedconsumer says:

    Which is why I can’t be impartial, but it still rocks, and so do you!

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