About this blog:

I am passionate about body piercing and about advocating for awareness of best practices, risks, and consumer and public consciousness about piercing. I have read, researched and written on body piercing since 2001, and am still fascinated with it. My focus is on the pierced consumer, the rights of piercees, and on raising awareness in the marketplace.

I advocate the use of professional body piercers for health and safety.  Piercing yourself is extremely risky!

In this blog, I plan to:

  • give body piercing consumers the information they need for making informed decisions
  • reduce the typically steep learning curve we experience in modifying our bodies
  • raise awareness of best practices on the part of both piercers and piercees
  • advocate consumer awareness for healthy, safe, and pleasurable piercing experiences
  • talk about aftercare, current developments, and everything else about our favorite pastime

Whether you’ve never been pierced before, or you are experienced, I hope you find something useful at The Pierced Consumer.



About me:

I am Cloud. No, that’s not my real name, but it’s been my nickname since I was a teenager. I’ve chosen to blog using that name, because that’s the name I have been known in body modification and piercing circles for several years.

I am not a piercer. I am not a doctor. I am not an expert in all things piercing. I am merely a well informed, passionate piercing enthusiast, and a pretty mainstream one at that. I work in a professional, 9-5 office and so must remain low-key about my body modifications. Despite that, I believe I have something to share and some common sense information about piercing to impart.

I live in the Southwestern US.  I have been pierced by famous piercers, infamous piercers, and local piercers down the street. I’ve been a member of various body modification communities and forums over the years, learning, offering advice, and discussing life with piercings.

I currently have, or have had in the past, these piercings: Chest anchor, Lobes, Helix, Industrial, Tragus, Tongue, Septum, Nipples, Navel, Inner Labia, and Clitoral Hood. My body is a constantly changing canvas. And yes, I am also tattooed.

Cloud getting a helix piercing

This is me getting a helix piercing a few  years ago.  Sadly, the helix piercing was abandoned, but the memory lives on!

Contact me at:


9 Responses to About

  1. Rachel says:

    Hello Cloud! Nice blog, thanks for sharing.

  2. Tiff says:

    What a great resource, Cloud! Thanks for your helpful advice, it’s always appreciated.

  3. […] knowledgeable about many aspects of piercings. You can read about her and why she started the blog, here. If you are a pierced consumer and looking for additional information, I suggest you pay her blog a […]

  4. Elaine says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments you leave on the forums @ tribalectic and just wanted to say that they are very informative and helpful.

  5. Stefanie says:

    By the way, I appreciate the reasons why this blog was intended. Thank You

  6. Marissa says:

    I recently decided I really want to have my nipples peirced, even though I am prone to passing out when it comes to anything with a sharp point or the thought of pain. I have had my nose and belly button peirced and was totally fine, it wasnt until I got older that things started to make me nauses. I got two tattoos without ever passing out. Then I decided to get my tattoo touched up with color and I was out within the first 10 min. Then when I got my tounge peirced I was out just like that.

    So My two main questions are. Can you get both nipples peirced at the same time so you dont have to go through the pain twice? So instead you would have two peircers?

    And my other question is do you have any tips for before going to get this done… I know you should eat almost right before and drink water…but any other tips? That would be wonderful

    • piercedconsumer says:

      Yes, you can have both done at once, providing your piercer provides this service. Obviously, you should set this up beforehand. Be sure and tell your piercer that you are prone to fainting, and eat something beforehand. You should also have a piece of fruit or a soda or something for afterwards.

      I have a couple of good articles on nipple piercing on this blog which might help–just do a search for nipples.

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