Just an old-fashioned ramble

May 1, 2009


In lieu of an actual, well-thought out post (or a love song) here are some odds and ends.

Oh, CSI last night . . . body modification takes another hit.  Expect a full post on this one, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

I see Jared from One Tribe is back from his trip to Indonesia, because he’s commented.  Take a look especially at his comment on the Making Body Jewelry post, in which he talks about the company that was featured, the question of fair trade jewelry, and jewelry ethics.    I expect some great blog posts over at One Tribe, as well as some fantastic jewelry from him, as always.  Jared also posted that they are planning to open an implant grade only, piercing studio. Woo!

More blogs: Marisa from Needled has started a new tattoo blog, Needles & Sins. I don’t know what happened there, but all I can say is I wish I had a stable of contributors!  I also have come across some more body modification blogs, like this one: Multi-Colored, which has some thoughtful content, and this one, ToddBlog, which is pretty new, and doesn’t seem to have an About page yet, but might be worth checking out.

I just ran across a comment on another blog post (Absurd Body Piercings) which has me shaking my head:

I think a vaginal piercing says something negative about you. Cough cough, you’re a slut, cough. Guys are different, though. If you want your dick pierced it’s alright, but a vaginal piercing isn’t cool. It’s just the way it is. Anyone who disagrees, that’s fine. It’s my opinion!

Well, it may be your opinion, honey, but it’s an ignorant one.  Talk about a double standard!

Remember the unfortunate tattoo I highlighted in my post on Bellydancers and Body Art? Well, word finally got around to the dancer in question and she made a comment that she was embarrassed by my post.  I don’t blame her, really, since my language was pretty strong.  I wish to reiterate that this was my personal reaction and opinion, and that my intent was not to belittle her, but to point out that it’s a good idea for everyone, and especially for public figures and performers, to consider how their tattoos look to others, and from a distance.

That’s enough for now.  Let me just say that recovering from abdominal surgery Is.Not.Fun.  Although I think I’m doing okay, at 3 weeks plus now, I’m dealing with a host of minor but unpleasant, and personal symptoms.  I’d like to blame my not posting on this, but I’m really just a lazy slug.  Plus, I wanted to leave the interview with Angel about The Piercing Bible up for a while.  I hope you’ve all bought your copies!

Pic is my kitty Ivan’s nether regions.  He thinks he’s hiding.

Body Jewelry Artisanship and the One Tribe Blog

February 7, 2009


The photo above belongs to One Tribe–not to me.  It’s a piece of custom-crafted ebony and fluorite body jewelry.  I think it’s a labret, but am not really sure.   ETA:  It’s a ring, duh:  a “Macassar Ebony and raw Creedite & Fluorite ring (for the finger) that is worn on the middle finger and arcs across the entire hand.”  See the comment below!

Tribe Blog:  What’s going on at One Tribe

One thing I am vitally interested in is craftsmanship, old and new, running the gamut from folk art, to functional but beautiful items, to high-end furniture, jewelry, and wearables.  I think that the execution and aesthetic of modern crafts rival the most beautiful items created in history. As a person of very limited talent, I am awed and humbled by true artists.  I value and often think about the role of the artisan in society.  Speaking of Mayan body jewelry, Blake Perlingieri says

For noble peoples, artisans, goldsmiths, and jewelers have traditionally played important roles in the proliferation and evolution of early art, culture, and industry–the trades.  The relationship and symbolism of adornment, culture, and ritual are inextricably interwoven.

A Brief History of the Evolution of Modern Adornment, p. 82.

Thus, I am fascinated by our modern body jewelry craftsman.  Despite the proliferation of cheap body jewelry retailers and websites, there are a few people dedicated to fine craftsmanship of premium body jewelry.  Whether working in steel, stone, or wood, these folks’ pride and dedication comes out in their work.

Some of these people operate One Tribe.  I mentioned them back in my post on herbs, but today I want to highlight their excellent blog, in which they talk about crafting and acquiring their wonderful jewelry.  I believe this is written mostly by One Tribe’s founder, Jared.  You know I’ve complained about crappy body jewelry “blogs” that are simply a disguised advertisement for “belly rings.”  This is the farthest thing from that.  The blog’s most recent post highlights a trip to a local mine to score Amazonite:  One Tribe Goes Mining!


Fascinating reading.  That’s Jared holding a piece of Amazonite. Again, the picture doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to them, and I’m probably going to catch hell for it–especially that particular picture (of Jared), but I think it’s great! It very clearly epitomizes the hands-on passion that’s captivating me so much.  Can’t wait to see the jewelry from that trip.

The more I look at their website, the more impressed I am at their products and philosophy.  Take a look around, and you will be amazed, for instance at the page on custom jewelry designs:  One Tribe custom page.  Absolutely jaw dropping!

There’s also a great stretching FAQ –which makes sense, since much of their jewelry is made for stretched lobes.  (Although they say to put 1 teaspoon in 8 oz of water for a salt soak–that’s too much, imo!)

The blog is an excellent read, and I highly recommend a look-see for everyone. In case you missed the link in the title, here’s another one:   TribeBlog,  and I’m putting it in my sidebar.   My piercings don’t accommodate most of their jewelry, i.e., beautiful large plugs, but I can dream! And so can you.

On Cloud’s Mind: Blogs

November 27, 2008

Occasionally, dear reader, you’ll just have to suffer through a non-piercing post.  Naturally, starting my blog, I’m out there sucking up the blogosphere.  I have a busy mind!  Here’s what’s on it:

Skull a Day

If you are one of the only people left on ze internets who hasn’t twigged to this fantastic blog, check it out.  Noah Scalin decided he would craft and post a skull a day, and he did–for a year.  An amazing accomplishment, really.  And he has a book! (Which like the total book nerd I am, I bought).



Don’t take my word for it, check it out: http://www.skulladay.blogspot.com/

Modern Cat

Here’s a great blog showcasing cat furniture and products with a modern aesthetic.  Pretty commercial–lots of buttons for shops, and very cool, very expensive, cat furniture.  But the writing is great, and the blogger is doing stuff which I admire, like taking original photos and doing comparison shopping, and going out and actually interviewing suppliers.

Here’s the blog main page: Modern Cat and here’s the post where the blogger is doing an interview: Odorzout ; and here’s a pic of one of my cats, Miles.  Just ’cause:


WWdN: In Exile

Okay, one more:  Wil Wheaton. If you don’t know that Wil Wheaton is a famous blogger, what are you doing reading this blog?  His main blog right now is WWdn: In Exile.  Also, read his hysterical piece about being snubbed by William Shatner.  In two parts, at Suicide Girls:  WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER Pt 1 and WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER Pt 2.

If you don’t know who Wil Wheaton is . . . or Suicide Girls . . . or Star Trek, forget it! You’re dead!


Thanks again to: Suicide Girls and Flickr.

Edit:  sorry, misid’d Wil in Criminal Minds.  Wrong ep!