Just don’t call ’em “earrings”

August 10, 2009


New Jewelry!

In celebration of my new 6 gauge status, I of course needed new jewelry to fit.  here are some pics of my new bling.  The first, pictured above, is a pair of Industrial Strength single-flare  titanium plugs. You know, the kind that you have to pre-order, and decide what combination to get.  There are so many–so many colors of titanium, and gems to choose from!  It can be hard to visualize what the combinations look like.  I decided to get yellow titanium, because I wanted something that was not silver (or black); and get AB gems (aurora borealis); you can see the result.  The end part (that is visible in front) is a bit chunkier and sticks out farther from my ear than I expected. They are a bit gaudy, and girly, but that’s okay.  Nice to wear to work, when I want to wear gold-toned jewelry with my outfit.  You can see all the possible color combinations here at BodyartForms.


Next is a pair of Anatometal 6-gauge single flare steel tunnels (or eyelets).  As always with Anatometal, the finish is smooth, shiny, and flawless (which you can’t tell from the crappy picture–sorry).  Tunnels are always fun, because you can see daylight.  These are lightweight, comfortable, and good for stretching, should I ever decide to go bigger.  Here’s the linky to Bodyartforms.


One odd thing about these two pieces of 6 gauge jewelry–the IS pieces are noticeably thicker, both to the eye, and to my calipers when I measured them.  There’s a very slight–maybe 1 millimeter?–difference.  This surprised me, since I thought the gauges related to a specific measurement, and Anatometal and Industrial Strength are two of the leaders in making quality body jewelry.  I’m not sure why there would be a difference, but there is.  My ears didn’t seem to care, though.

BTW, the IS colored/gem plugs were “pre-order”–I guess they make them up on the spot after ordering and payment. They took about 10 days to ship, which I don’t think is unreasonable at all.

“Earrings” just sounds so wussy and mainstream, don’t you think? It’s body jewelry! They don’t come in pairs.  They are plugs, or tunnels, or eyelets, or spirals, or barbells, or . . .


The Pizza Girl

November 28, 2008

So, I had pizza delivered this week, and I recognized the pizza delivery girl by her piercings.  Is that weird?

I really like the look of these simple, coordinated, steel tunnels.  She had the same on both ears.  Sometimes less is more!



Love the eyeliner wings, too!