No post Monday!

December 29, 2008


Usually there’s no post on Mondays, so this isn’t a real post, just a random tidbit. Check out the post-it-note project:

Post-it-Note Project. Very cool.

thank you to irocko’s photostream

On Cloud’s Mind: Blogs

November 27, 2008

Occasionally, dear reader, you’ll just have to suffer through a non-piercing post.  Naturally, starting my blog, I’m out there sucking up the blogosphere.  I have a busy mind!  Here’s what’s on it:

Skull a Day

If you are one of the only people left on ze internets who hasn’t twigged to this fantastic blog, check it out.  Noah Scalin decided he would craft and post a skull a day, and he did–for a year.  An amazing accomplishment, really.  And he has a book! (Which like the total book nerd I am, I bought).



Don’t take my word for it, check it out:

Modern Cat

Here’s a great blog showcasing cat furniture and products with a modern aesthetic.  Pretty commercial–lots of buttons for shops, and very cool, very expensive, cat furniture.  But the writing is great, and the blogger is doing stuff which I admire, like taking original photos and doing comparison shopping, and going out and actually interviewing suppliers.

Here’s the blog main page: Modern Cat and here’s the post where the blogger is doing an interview: Odorzout ; and here’s a pic of one of my cats, Miles.  Just ’cause:


WWdN: In Exile

Okay, one more:  Wil Wheaton. If you don’t know that Wil Wheaton is a famous blogger, what are you doing reading this blog?  His main blog right now is WWdn: In Exile.  Also, read his hysterical piece about being snubbed by William Shatner.  In two parts, at Suicide Girls:  WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER Pt 1 and WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER Pt 2.

If you don’t know who Wil Wheaton is . . . or Suicide Girls . . . or Star Trek, forget it! You’re dead!


Thanks again to: Suicide Girls and Flickr.

Edit:  sorry, misid’d Wil in Criminal Minds.  Wrong ep!