Art from My Body

November 29, 2009

In honor of The Pierced Consumer’s one-year anniversary, I’ve been doing some cleanup and some tinkering.

I’m excited to add the Flickr widget, which will show the latest photos from myFlickr account.  It’s not very flexible, they seem to be added as I add them.  They show up on the right, under the links and stuff.

Right now I did a series of photos from my own tattoos with my iPhone.  The iPhone is notorious for having a crappy camera, but you can do some really cool things with it regardless.  I think this set came out really fantastic! Check out my Flickr stuff here:

Art from My Body by Cloud.

More Meta

–I’ve also changed my header, as  you can see.  That’s my beautiful Maya Organic “Earn Your Wings” earrings which I’ll probably feature more once I can wear them, lol!

–Edited the About Page and added new  photo of me getting pierced at the bottom.

–Overhauled the Body Piercing Basics Page, with new photos and new blurbs.

–The “Links” and sidebar were getting too cluttered, so all the links are now consolidated under “Click Here.”

–am trying out the cloud tags.  Appropriate, don’t you think?

–finally, I’ve added a widget to my delicious bookmarks.  I’m still tinkering with this!  The first one you’ll see there (right this minute) is a gallery I did of black and white body art that uses other people’s photos.  Since most of these are not using creative commons licenses, please click the link:

Gallery:  Body Art in Black and White


There’s an App for that?

August 5, 2009


I love my iPhone; I do.  But if there’s an app for everything–as the ads claim–then why isn’t there an app for keeping track of one’s piercings? I think that would be great, considering it’s so hard to keep track of stuff like:

  • –When did I get it?
  • –Where?
  • –How much did it cost?
  • –How much did my jewelry cost?
  • –What gauge? Length? Diameter? Material? Manufacturer?

It is so hard to remember that stuff, and so very necessary when it comes to jewelry changes.  However, a check of the App Store for piercing shows a dismal lack of useful applications for us.

There’s one–iLocate–Body Piercing, which touts, “There is nothing like finding a new body piercing store just when you need it.”  Right.  It’s nothing but a “find it” application, showing you the names and addresses of the nearest tattoo shops.  Okay, it has maps, but it’s the same as Google Maps, Google, Where, or other similar applications.  Oh, and it costs $0.99.

The other things that popped up were things like, “Sexy Girls,” “Perfect Girls,” and “Hot Sport Girls.”  Hmm.  Not very useful for me.

A search for “tattoo” in the app store shows once again piercing is the poorer cousin in terms of body art. There’s “Tattoo Shop” which lets you add a tattoo to any photo in your gallery.  (“Ink yourself, your grandma, even your pets!”)  “Tattoo of the Day” which lets you download new tattoos being done at New York Adorned; several wallpaper and Japanese tattoo applications; and of course, the aforementioned, Hot Girls, Sexy Babes, et al.  Still, at least some of these are a bit cooler than the iLocate one for piercings.

Get your thinking caps on!

So, I say to all you geeky modified entrepreneurs out there–here’s a golden opportunity. Make an application for a gauge card, or a jewelry keeper, or a piercing of the day; or a healing progress chart.  How about a virtual piercing app, where you could try out different piercings on a photo of your body?