Some thoughts on healing

April 14, 2009


The human body is an amazing instrument.  Maybe we don’t have the marvelous healing abilities of cats, but we do pretty well.  (There wasn’t much I could do in the hospital except watch Animal Planet.)  But as I lie here recovering from surgery, the recurrent aftercare phrase, “listen to your body” is rearing its trite head.

I can’t claim any specialized knowledge, but the things I am doing now are the same things I would do to heal a piercing–supporting my health, paying attention to hygiene, and waiting. Washing the wound with antimicrobial soap, trying to eat wisely, take vitamins, get rest . . . and, yeah, listening to my body.

It’s talking pretty loudly!  Telling me — (okay, yelling at me) to stop! when I overdo it, to take pain medication when I need it, and to apply a liberal dose of time.  Just like healing a piercing, I’m letting my body’s healing system do its work.

I like this quote from Dr. Andrew Weil, my favorite alternative health guru:

I maintain that the final common cause of all cures is the healing system, whether or not treatment is applied.  When treatments work, they do so by activating innate healing mechanisms.  Treatment–including drugs and surgery–can facilitate healing and remove obstacles to it, but treatment is not hte same as healing.  The best treatment is the least–the least invasive, least drastic, least expensive–that activates spontaneous healing.

From Eight Weeks to Optimum Health.  So, in terms of healing a piercing, it’s perhaps less what you “do” to the wound, and more what you don’t do.  Give your body a chance.  In terms of healing this great big gash in my middle . . .

We’ll see.

Healing aura pic from Jurvetson’s Photostream at Flickr.


Everything must go!

March 6, 2009


So, it looks like I’ll be reporting first hand on how to handle piercings through MRIs, CT scans, and surgery; since my doc is recommending a hysterectomy, oopherectomy, and all the other -ectomies.

First hurdle:  More tests!

This blog, The Pierced Consumer, isn’t intended to be a personal “tell-all” (aren’t you lucky?) but I hope to have some tips to share about piercings and medical procedures.

As one friend of mine said, “Cloud’s not afraid of a little body modification; of course not!” (Thank you, UT).

Knitted uterus (!) courtesy of ILoveButter’s photostream at Flickr.