Let’s hear it for the girls

February 6, 2009


Piercings and Your Period

For any woman contemplating genital or nipple piercings, the best time to get pierced is after your period.  Try not to get pierced right before or during; you may be extra sensitive, the tissue swollen and tender.  Some women may even find that they are more sensitive to pain in other areas of the body at that time, so unless you really want more pain, time it right.

Also, the menstrual cycle can affect your piercings, causing them to act up.  For example, many women with healing nipple piercings are mystified why their piercings keep acting up, getting sore, tender, and oozing every few weeks, until they realize the the flare-ups sync with their cycle.


Is it all right to use pads instead of tampons with a healing genital piercing?

I was asked about this by a woman who could not use tampons.  I don’t have a definitive answer, but my common sense says it should be fine, if not ideal.  Modern pads wick away the moisture from the surface, so as long as a piercee is scrupulous about cleaning, say showering every 12 hours, I see no problem for a healing piercing.

Thanks to Luca Donnini’s photostream at Flickr for the amazing photo.  Link NSFW.