Just an old-fashioned ramble

May 1, 2009


In lieu of an actual, well-thought out post (or a love song) here are some odds and ends.

Oh, CSI last night . . . body modification takes another hit.  Expect a full post on this one, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

I see Jared from One Tribe is back from his trip to Indonesia, because he’s commented.  Take a look especially at his comment on the Making Body Jewelry post, in which he talks about the company that was featured, the question of fair trade jewelry, and jewelry ethics.    I expect some great blog posts over at One Tribe, as well as some fantastic jewelry from him, as always.  Jared also posted that they are planning to open an implant grade only, piercing studio. Woo!

More blogs: Marisa from Needled has started a new tattoo blog, Needles & Sins. I don’t know what happened there, but all I can say is I wish I had a stable of contributors!  I also have come across some more body modification blogs, like this one: Multi-Colored, which has some thoughtful content, and this one, ToddBlog, which is pretty new, and doesn’t seem to have an About page yet, but might be worth checking out.

I just ran across a comment on another blog post (Absurd Body Piercings) which has me shaking my head:

I think a vaginal piercing says something negative about you. Cough cough, you’re a slut, cough. Guys are different, though. If you want your dick pierced it’s alright, but a vaginal piercing isn’t cool. It’s just the way it is. Anyone who disagrees, that’s fine. It’s my opinion!

Well, it may be your opinion, honey, but it’s an ignorant one.  Talk about a double standard!

Remember the unfortunate tattoo I highlighted in my post on Bellydancers and Body Art? Well, word finally got around to the dancer in question and she made a comment that she was embarrassed by my post.  I don’t blame her, really, since my language was pretty strong.  I wish to reiterate that this was my personal reaction and opinion, and that my intent was not to belittle her, but to point out that it’s a good idea for everyone, and especially for public figures and performers, to consider how their tattoos look to others, and from a distance.

That’s enough for now.  Let me just say that recovering from abdominal surgery Is.Not.Fun.  Although I think I’m doing okay, at 3 weeks plus now, I’m dealing with a host of minor but unpleasant, and personal symptoms.  I’d like to blame my not posting on this, but I’m really just a lazy slug.  Plus, I wanted to leave the interview with Angel about The Piercing Bible up for a while.  I hope you’ve all bought your copies!

Pic is my kitty Ivan’s nether regions.  He thinks he’s hiding.

I’m starting to really not like Jerry Bruckheimer

March 10, 2009

Which is okay, since he apparently really doesn’t like us.  Pierced people, I mean.  Maybe it isn’t really dear ol’ Jerry–maybe somebody else in the CSI franchise, but I’ve posted about this before, here and here.  Now, the latest in CSI’s ongoing smear campaign against piercees:

Sweet girl

Sweet girl

In the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Las Vegas) episode called “Turn, Turn, Turn,” we have  a tale of a good girl gone bad and dying tragically.  In a contrived series of flashbacks, we see Nick as he encounters the dead body of the girl in the beginning (played by Taylor Swift who is apparently some kind of popular starlet) and backtracks through a year of calls to a particular seedy hotel.

In the first pic above, we see the girl in the beginning of the year, sweet and innocent.  The show even has her riding her bicycle with a friend through the crime scene, suggesting a carefree happy child.

Bad girl

Bad girl

However, as the episode unfolds, Nick encounters the girl several more times, each time appearing more “troubled.”    Here, you can see her with a nostril and lip piercing.  The lip piercing appears to move from scene to scene, btw.

From happy innocence to combat boots and piercing, to ignominius death.  The message here is clear:  If you get a piercing, you are a bad girl, a troubled teen, a punk. The media is using piercings as a shorthand for criminality.

Stereotyping much? Come on, Jerry, give us piercees a break.