Magical Midnight

December 18, 2009

Since I announced the birth of my grandson, Orion here, I can’t neglect to introduce you to:

Auryn Midnight

A little granddaughtercloud born exactly at midnight.  (My 8th grandkid–can you believe it?) In a tub in the middle of the living room!

“Auryn” is the magical amulet belonging to the Child Empress in the Neverending Story.

In other news, I’m driving to visit my piercer in Albuquerque, so I should have some new piercings and some new blog posts soon!

News: Stupid School Rules

November 17, 2008

Piercings Keep Husband of Student Out of Dances

From a news article apparently out of Youngstown, Ohio.  Here’s a 19 year old guy who is married to a senior and wants to take her to school dances, but his appearance violates the school dress code.  Keep in mind this young man is legally an adult, and no longer a student.  In this case, the school apparently harassed this young man when he was in school, and continues to harass him after he graduated.  The fact that he is married at a young age, whether or not you agree with it, has nothing to do with whether or not he has the right to be on school property.

He said he was forced to remove red streaks and highlights from his hair before attending his own graduation in 2007.

And I suppose none of the faculty color their hair?

He offered to remove the jewelry, but oh no–the guy won’t be allowed to attend his wife’s dances

. . . because of health reasons. The skin-stretching pieces would leave an open hole in the lip if removed, and removing the jewelry “was not acceptable because fluids could still come out, and I do not want to subject our students to those fluids . . .

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.  Health reasons?  What health reasons? Piercings don’t pose any health threat to others.  Of course, I’m sure the school routinely allows students and faculty on the premises with colds, sneezing and coughing their contagious fluids all over the place. Perhaps they refuse admittance to HIV positive students too.

The ignorance and stupidity of some people continue to amaze me, although I should be used to it by now.  I’ve had my own run-ins with ridiculous school policies, which are arbitrary and ignore students’ civil rights.

(credit for this little tidbit to Phalaeo; thanks Phalaeo).

Why vote?

November 4, 2008

If you haven’t voted yet, or aren’t planning to, shame on you!  Besides the excitement of voting in an historic presidential election, there are all those other races, from the local to state to federal.

Don’t care about any of that, you say?  You should.  It’s the other races–your local councilpeople, sheriffs, judges, state senators, that make a huge impact on if and where you can get your body art done.

Take a look at this wonderful blog post from Marisa DiMatta at Needled, my favorite tattoo blog.  She is an attorney and makes the great point that by voting in all the races, you help control the selection and appointment of judges that make decisions about body art laws.

Needled-Tattoo News

I’m always going on about the importance of voting because of the direct impact on tattooing, especially via the local zoning bans that pop up against studios — but as this article demonstrates – the federal elections are just as important because of judicial appointments; that is, deciding on the person who will be deciding on judges  who will decide on tattoo cases before the courts.