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December 9, 2009

Soap Delay

As I mentioned in my post on soap, The Dope on Soap, two antimicrobial soaps made specifically for wound care, Provon and Satin, are often recommended for fresh piercings.  However, Care Tech, the maker of Satin, was ordered to suspend shipping by the FDA while they investigate unauthorized claims.

“The FDA is concerned about Care-Tech’s products because they lack FDA approval, do not conform to any applicable over-the-counter drug monograph, and are not appropriately manufactured.”

Here’s the link to the FDA press release.

In addition, I’ve heard from more than one source that Provon’s manufacturers may be behind in their supply and distribution, so while these situations are no doubt temporary, if you can get your hands on Provon or Satin at your piercing studio or elsewhere, grab ’em!

Meta, Pics & Flicks

Flickr: I’m slowly uploading all my piercing pics to my Flickr Photostream.  I don’t want to upload all of them at once, because the Flickr strip on the blog changes as I upload, and I want a variety for you.

Delicious: Also, I’m working  on moving my bodymod links to my Cloudlb delicious bookmarks account to post all of the links there. In a similar vein as the Flickr pics, they show up on the sidebar as I post them, and there are a lot of them, so keep an eye out for new ones as time goes on. If you have a delicious account, you can add me to your network to get them that way, too.

7000 Years of Jewelry

I’m so excited!  I got this wonderful book — and got a really great bargain on ebay — about the history of jewelry.  It looks to have some great information on body jewelry in history which I hope to share with you once I digest it.  Here’s the link to the Amazon page of the book.

Midnight Baby!

And finally, Welcome to GrandBabyCloud No. 8! BD#2 in Portland had a little girl this morning at midnight.  At home, with a midwife, and in the birthing tub.  Oy.  No name yet, no pics or anything so far, but we are so happy!



Orion the Hunter

December 5, 2009

Please welcome Orion, Grandbabycloud No. 7, to the Earth!

Some Meta and a Good Sale:

Yes, it’s snowing on the blog, courtesy of WordPress.  Ho, ho, ho.

And I changed my header once again, although I’m still not satisfied with it. I thought the purple would go well with the blue background, but I like the contrast better.

The pics now showing on my Flickr strip are still Art from My Body–this time taken with the Lolo function on my iphone app.  Still pretty cool, I think! You can see all the piercings pics I’ve posted so far on my Flickr photostream.

BodyArtForms has a sale this month:  Use coupon code LIGHTS2009 at checkout and receive 20% off your entire order for the entire month of December! This sale can not be combined with other coupon codes.

Art from My Body

November 29, 2009

In honor of The Pierced Consumer’s one-year anniversary, I’ve been doing some cleanup and some tinkering.

I’m excited to add the Flickr widget, which will show the latest photos from myFlickr account.  It’s not very flexible, they seem to be added as I add them.  They show up on the right, under the links and stuff.

Right now I did a series of photos from my own tattoos with my iPhone.  The iPhone is notorious for having a crappy camera, but you can do some really cool things with it regardless.  I think this set came out really fantastic! Check out my Flickr stuff here:

Art from My Body by Cloud.

More Meta

–I’ve also changed my header, as  you can see.  That’s my beautiful Maya Organic “Earn Your Wings” earrings which I’ll probably feature more once I can wear them, lol!

–Edited the About Page and added new  photo of me getting pierced at the bottom.

–Overhauled the Body Piercing Basics Page, with new photos and new blurbs.

–The “Links” and sidebar were getting too cluttered, so all the links are now consolidated under “Click Here.”

–am trying out the cloud tags.  Appropriate, don’t you think?

–finally, I’ve added a widget to my delicious bookmarks.  I’m still tinkering with this!  The first one you’ll see there (right this minute) is a gallery I did of black and white body art that uses other people’s photos.  Since most of these are not using creative commons licenses, please click the link:

Gallery:  Body Art in Black and White


Happy Birthday!

November 22, 2009

The Pierced Consumer is One Year Old!

Wow!  I can’t believe it’s been one whole year this month since I started this blog. Lots of blogs don’t even make it that far. I’ve seen a lot of “bodyart” blogs which are either “buy my jewelry” pitches or “my journey into body art” ramblings, and I’m glad to offer something different, something apart from now-standard experiences and endless photographs of ears and navels.   This isn’t a bullshit blog, and I hope I’ve made some good contributions on body piercing which inform and entertain.

I can’t always say it’s been smooth sailing, like when I made a very unflattering remark about a well-known belly dancer’s tattoo and she responded.  Not everyone agrees with my opinions, either.  That’s fine with me.  Do your own research and come to your own conclusions.  I’m not posting daily like I did in the beginning, which I knew wouldn’t last, and there have been some noticeable gaps when I just can’t think about body piercing; ’cause I’m just that kind of a flake. But I’m still here so I guess I haven’t given up yet.

In honor of this anniversary, here is a recap of some stats:

Top Five Posts:

  1. Body Piercing Basics
  2. Aftercare in Detail: The Dope on Soap
  3. Traditional and historical:  The Nose Piercing
  4. Book Review: Kat Von D High Voltage
  5. Mayan Body Piercing:  Keeping the Universe Alive

My busiest day was November 17, with 283 views, which is the day the Do’s and Tattoos review was noticed.  I’ve had over 34,400 hits overall, and the average in 2009 is a little over 100 hits per day.  Now, these numbers are pretty pitiful compared to some, but I’m still pretty happy.  Readership has gone steadily up. I’m a slow writer, and it’s a narrow topic.  I’m not trying to sell anything here except for better body piercing practices.

There are some important posts which I’ve yet to write:  a risks post, for example, since there are indeed serious risks to consider and avoid in body piercing; another is a piece on Aztec body piercing, which should be coming up shortly.  Historical posts seem to be popular hits, and it’s an area that interests me, so you’ll probably see more.  My choice of things to write is sometimes impulsive, and I’ve made no effort to completely cover every area of body piercing.  For that, we now have The Piercing Bible, by Elayne Angel, and for that reason, it’s been a very important year for The Pierced Consumer.

I would like to thank everybody who is reading.

For those of you who have been fans, commented on my posts. tolerated my self-promotion, here’s a little something for you.  I was fooling around trying to get a birthday shot, and this one came out, well . . . completely inappropriate!




November 16, 2009

Just a note to say I got some very strong negative comments on my blog post about my visit to Do’s and Tattoos in my hometown. I’m sensitive to reactions about “reviews” such as they are, because I really am not out to piss people off.  I want to be fair, but I also want to advocate for better piercing practices and better educated piercees.

I’m so glad that there are loyal fans making the effort to support their favorite studio.  This is the first time anyone has really cared enough to write, so it speaks well for them.  It wasn’t even a particularly bad review, imo, and I want to stress that I was treated very nicely by the owner.  I stand by my statements, as far as they went, but I didn’t get a chance to really do a full review on their piercing services (since no piercer was in evidence during business hours, which was one of my comments), but they might deserve a second look. Maybe they were simply having an off day. We’ll see.

I did get some comments in the vein of “where do you get off writing such things” and “you don’t even have any piercings.”  Well, I’m just a person with a blog and an opinion, albeit a person with multiple piercings (which is why we have an About page). My advice is to take any review or blog post with a grain of salt, make up your own mind, and if  you don’t like it, start your own blog!

Do’s and Tattoos should be glad to have fans!  But the apostrophe still bugs me.

Edited a bunch of times, ’cause I’m a bit upset.

Workin’ on it

November 8, 2009

stack 1225274637_85fac883b1_m

New Books & Refs Pages

I’ve been working on rearranging my Books & Refs page.  First, to highlight the best piercing reference, The Piercing Bible, by giving it the place it deserves–the top spot!  And also to nest the pages so they are organized better.  (It took me a looong time to figure that one out–thanks WordPress.)

I’ll be adding books & refs as I go along, but each page is now at least started.  Click on the Books & Refs page at the top, or use the right-hand side bar to get there.

Let me know how you like the new set up.

Pic from austinevan’s photostream at Flickr.


July 13, 2009

I thought I was done when I stretched my lobes to 8 gauge.  Apparently not!

I got a nice little cheapo stretching kit, with two 6 gauge plugs and a taper.  I also got some Teflon tape and I was going to use it to gently stretch.  But I didn’t need them–this morning those 6 gauge plugs just slid right in.

I love it when a plan isn’t needed! Must be all that time wearing my heavy Little Seven swans.  Now I can buy those fantastic tribal hoops from OneTribe I’ve been wanting!

Meta note:

This is just a “feet in the water” post.  Yes, I know I haven’t been posting.  I haven’t abandoned the blog, just needed a break.  I refuse to feel guilty about it, but I hope to start posting regularly again.  Hope to see you!

Just an old-fashioned ramble

May 1, 2009


In lieu of an actual, well-thought out post (or a love song) here are some odds and ends.

Oh, CSI last night . . . body modification takes another hit.  Expect a full post on this one, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.

I see Jared from One Tribe is back from his trip to Indonesia, because he’s commented.  Take a look especially at his comment on the Making Body Jewelry post, in which he talks about the company that was featured, the question of fair trade jewelry, and jewelry ethics.    I expect some great blog posts over at One Tribe, as well as some fantastic jewelry from him, as always.  Jared also posted that they are planning to open an implant grade only, piercing studio. Woo!

More blogs: Marisa from Needled has started a new tattoo blog, Needles & Sins. I don’t know what happened there, but all I can say is I wish I had a stable of contributors!  I also have come across some more body modification blogs, like this one: Multi-Colored, which has some thoughtful content, and this one, ToddBlog, which is pretty new, and doesn’t seem to have an About page yet, but might be worth checking out.

I just ran across a comment on another blog post (Absurd Body Piercings) which has me shaking my head:

I think a vaginal piercing says something negative about you. Cough cough, you’re a slut, cough. Guys are different, though. If you want your dick pierced it’s alright, but a vaginal piercing isn’t cool. It’s just the way it is. Anyone who disagrees, that’s fine. It’s my opinion!

Well, it may be your opinion, honey, but it’s an ignorant one.  Talk about a double standard!

Remember the unfortunate tattoo I highlighted in my post on Bellydancers and Body Art? Well, word finally got around to the dancer in question and she made a comment that she was embarrassed by my post.  I don’t blame her, really, since my language was pretty strong.  I wish to reiterate that this was my personal reaction and opinion, and that my intent was not to belittle her, but to point out that it’s a good idea for everyone, and especially for public figures and performers, to consider how their tattoos look to others, and from a distance.

That’s enough for now.  Let me just say that recovering from abdominal surgery Is.Not.Fun.  Although I think I’m doing okay, at 3 weeks plus now, I’m dealing with a host of minor but unpleasant, and personal symptoms.  I’d like to blame my not posting on this, but I’m really just a lazy slug.  Plus, I wanted to leave the interview with Angel about The Piercing Bible up for a while.  I hope you’ve all bought your copies!

Pic is my kitty Ivan’s nether regions.  He thinks he’s hiding.

Surgery tomorrow!

April 6, 2009

Just a meta note to say I’ve been caught up in preparing for my surgery tomorrow, so the blog has suffered.  I’m going to have a couple of guest bloggers though, so watch for that!

Much Ado About Nothing

March 19, 2009

tongue-thumb-817170677_50ef67a1bc_tJust a bit of random news and meta:

Hi folks! Didn’t mean to leave that strange sex museum pic up for so long! But Real Life has interfered some . . . you know how it goes.   Working on the “teens and piercing” post, a risks post, and a review of Kat Von D’s book.

Waiting eagerly for The Piercing Bible to be released.  Today (March 19) is the date Amazon had originally stated as the release date, but I think there’s a delay.  I’ll be sure and let you know!

Saw The Pizza Girl the other day (one medium Supreme and one medium Rustica with pepperoni!).  She said that her boss told her to remove her tunnels, which I thought were so great-looking, and put “studs” in.  People are disturbed by voids, apparently, so solid plugs would be a better alternative for her.


In other news, had my MRI. I arranged for a local piercer to remove all my jewelry before the test, and to reinsert it all after the test.  The chest implant turned out to be no problem at all.  I had my piercer in Albuquerque fax me the mill cert, or proof of the metal composition, showing my anchor to be implant grade titanium, and I just gave the MRI people a copy.   Despite the dire warnings posted on their doors about “no metallic implants” — they were just like, “Oh, that’s MRI compatible.”  While I lay in that scary machine, I imagined my chest anchor heating up and bursting into flames, but . . . no, it was perfectly fine.

The nice young local piercer who changed my jewelry out cleaned them all sonically and by hand (10 pieces) and sterilized the barbell for my healing nipple piercing.  Some of my jewelry was really hard to remove, too–muscle was required!

When I asked him how much he charged for this service, he mumbled something about not having a standard charge, and then tentatively said, “$10?”  I laughed and paid him $25 which was still a good deal from my point of view.  I believe in compensating piercers appropriately, and this kind of service, cleaning, changing, etc. is almost more valuable to me than performing initial piercings.  Tip your piercer well!

Tongue pic is from Madaise’s Photostream at Flickr.