The Piercing Bible


Angel and TPB

The Piercing Bible by Elayne Angel is the best book on body piercing around.  Period. It’s an amazingly helpful, detailed, and readable book, by an amazing piercer and person. Angel is one of the true industry greats, and her depth of knowledge, compassion for piercees, and matter of fact writing style make this book the invaluable resource on the topic.   Although it is not a “how to pierce” book, even experienced piercers are finding the book helpful.  They make great tips for a piercer who doesn’t have one, and great gifts for any piercee.  Ask for it at your local bookstore or body art professional, or click the links below.

To buy TPB:

Buy it from the Association of Professional Piercers (25% of the proceeds go to benefit this nonprofit organization dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of information and education in the indistry)

On Amazon

Don’t want to take my word for it?  Here are some excerpts of reviews from booksellers, copied totally without permission:

Dawn K: Previously, those of us who are interested in piercing have not had the luxury of being able to access safe advice, expert suggestions, and detailed, accurate information on the options available to us. Now, finally, in one place, we have the ability to learn how to get a safe piercing, how to make the right choice of piercing and jewelry for our individual look and how to care for our piercings so they will remain beautiful.

A Book a Day:  she gives cultural history, pre and post care instructions, information about body type and compatible piercings, health risks and management, sex and piercings, and information about traveling through airports or visiting the doctor with piercings that cannot easily be removed. She even offers advice to the frustrated parent.

The Dolla: I picked up this book to get more info about a particular piercing that I was interested in. And to say the info that was provided was detailed is an understatement.

Tarryn: a must-read for anyone considering this art form as a career, anyone thinking of getting pierced, anyone who is already pierced and everyone in-between. Elayne leaves no stone unturned in this thoroughly researched guide to safe body piercing. . . . I found myself starved for solid, trustworthy information and, with decades of experience under her belt, Elayne shares a wealth of knowledge, dispels many misconceptions and offers sound advice from the effects your new piercing could have on society’s perceptions of you to lifestyle changes that might be necessary if you want to live in harmony with your piercing.

You can certainly read more for yourself.  Keep in mind that it’s not a piercer instructional manual,  and it doesn’t cover every single topic in body art.  However, Angel is an amazing person, an amazing writer, and has worked hard to produce a book that looks to be the standard reference bo body piercing for years to come.

More on The Piercing Bible:

The Piercing Bible Blog

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