Other References on Body Piercing & Body Art

There are many sources of information on body piercing and body modification besides books.  Here is a page on some of the most important.



The Point is the Association of Professional Piercers’ main member publication, and it’s an invaluable resource for anyone interested in body piercing.

All the issues can be found in .pdf format on the APP’s website.  Go to:  For Piercers and Their Advocates->Publications->The Point.

Since they are in .pdf format, they take a while to load, and you have to scroll down to read the articles, but they’re worth it!




BMElogoMainPageBMEzine, and the BME Encyclopedia

BME is one of the oldest and largest resources out there for anyone interested in body modification.   The encyclopedia is a basic reference for all body modification information.

In addition to the encyclopedia, there’s news, IAM (an early social networking site for all of us interested in body modification), and many pages on extreme body modification.  When I say extreme, I mean it! Many, many experiences and photos of body piercing, tattoos, and much more.

BME Encyclopedia



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