I thought I was done when I stretched my lobes to 8 gauge.  Apparently not!

I got a nice little cheapo stretching kit, with two 6 gauge plugs and a taper.  I also got some Teflon tape and I was going to use it to gently stretch.  But I didn’t need them–this morning those 6 gauge plugs just slid right in.

I love it when a plan isn’t needed! Must be all that time wearing my heavy Little Seven swans.  Now I can buy those fantastic tribal hoops from OneTribe I’ve been wanting!

Meta note:

This is just a “feet in the water” post.  Yes, I know I haven’t been posting.  I haven’t abandoned the blog, just needed a break.  I refuse to feel guilty about it, but I hope to start posting regularly again.  Hope to see you!

2 Responses to Voila!

  1. oldgringo says:

    Woot! She’s back!

  2. piercedconsumer says:

    Like a fungus . . .

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