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The Way to Go

Although piercing has become willy nilly associated with tattooing, and most tattoo studios now have a resident piercer, for a  great piercing experience,  look into piercing-only studios. These are really the cream of the crop, and although they are located mostly in large urban areas, they are worth a special trip, or a visit while in the area.  These studios are great places to look into for the well-educated pierced consumer, ambitious piercees, and for piercings requiring particular expertise, such as genital piercings.

I’m not saying, of course, that you can’t find a good piercer at a tattoo studio.  But sometimes piercing can be an afterthought in such a place; a kind of neglected step-child. At piercing-only studios, you are almost certain to find piercers who are conscientious and dedicated to their craft, and a wide range of top-notch jewelry.  You can expect a thoughtful ambiance and carefully crafted decor, and frequently a display of rare or unusual ethnic jewelry.  There’s no buzz of the tattoo machine, which is sweet music to some; but annoying to others.  Too, sometimes people will be put off by the serious and superior tone of these studios, but for me that’s just right.  These  piercers and customers are serious about their holes!

Here  are just a few to check out (listed in alpha order).  These reflect the current industry standards, and although the quality and frequency of updating their websites vary, all have  good information about piercing.

Evolution Body Piercing, Albuquerque, NM

Infinite Body Piercing, Philadelphia, PA

Rings of Desire,  New Orleans, LA  (Now closed, but the website remains a good source of info)

Virtue and Vice, Atlanta, GA

Of course, these are just a few of the fine piercing-only shops out there.  You can find more by perusing the listings at www.safepiercing.org.  If you know of a particular shop you like, please let me know.


12 Responses to Piercing Only Studios

  1. gracie-chan says:

    I’m passing on hearsay, because I found it interesting as much as anything, but my piercer firmly believes that when piercing becomes regulated, it will have to happen in a separate room to tattooing. He thought that tattooing releases alot of plasma and other cell-innards into the air. Which is fine if it settles on a another tattoo, not so fine if it’s an open wound like a piercing …

  2. piercedconsumer says:

    cell innards (shudder). I agree, a piercer working in a tattoo studio needs to have his own separate room, with a door that shuts, at the very least.

  3. ap66crush says:

    alot of states have already passed this as a law, including alabama

  4. gracie-chan says:

    I just wish the UK had some laws dealing with them … the few that exist are vague, at best.

  5. alexi says:

    Wow. In Ireland, Piercings are done in a seperate room to tattoos and generally the studio is divided in half – half for piercings (jewellery cases, aftercare posters etc.) and half for tattoos (flash, aftercare products).

    The concept of piercings and tattoos done in the same room is sooo foreign to me! Madness!

  6. Sela says:

    Indianapolis, Indiana

  7. Jason King says:

    23rd street Body Piercing has been in business since 1995 with the same owner. Oklahoma’s only piercing only studio.
    Come see us.

  8. Jared Karnes says:

    Onetribe is actually opening an all implant grade piercing only studio (no steel or acrylic) in coordination with our showroom and body jewelry museum here in Richmond, Virginia.

    As a side note, I don’t think I have ever been to a studio that pierced and tattooed in the same room – most have a dedicated piercing room and then the tattoo artists have their own areas. The only studio I HAVE been to that did something similar to that actually pierced off the front counter behind a screen. It was not great. And that’s so bad I wouldn’t even count it as “same room,” because the tattoo artist at least worked in a loft upstairs, and not in the lobby.. haha

  9. teeef says:

    hot rod piercing company
    pittsburgh, pa

    i’ve gotten 10 ear piercings at hot rod, and each one has been a pleasant experience. they’re nice, knowledgeable piercers that generally do an excellent job. definitely recommended.

    i have to give a HUGE thumbs up for infinite in philly, as well. that place is absolutely incredible. i wish i weren’t done with piercings, or at least still on the east coast, so i could take advantage of their awesomeness. i was blown away.

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