Guest post: A Flowering of Sorts

pdbsg-picture-198Cloud invited me to guest blog (a major compliment), so I’ll try to keep this interesting.  She was the grand dame of Tribalectic when I first tentatively described my first piercing years ago, and she remains an ornery, insightful broad whose thoughts amuse, inspire, and inform.

My experience in the piercing community is that its members tend to be thoughtful, sensitive, even cautious.  Many, if not most, shows signs of empathy, and welcome whatever happiness or grief is re-membered, as in put back together, by their fellow community members.

By no means are all piercers or piercees suffering souls.  There are some folks just intersted in a better way to get off.  Will my tongue stud make her jizz?  You know what I mean.

But, there is that segment of the population which has been wounded in mind, or heart or spirit.  Something private and personal has been taken away, stolen, defiled.  It could be a beaten spouse.  It could be a raped adult or child.  It could be the jackass boss who never lets you be what you want to be.

When your identity has been stolen away, you can either give in or you can reclaim yourself.  Your pain is your pain.  How you ornament yourself is your choice.  Who you share yourself with is your choice. Piercing, for some, allows you to reclaim your body.  It’s mine, not yours you assmunch! In my eyes, this is a beautiful project a flowering of sorts, where you reclaim your body and let it grow from there.

Never let bad memories hold you back.



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4 Responses to Guest post: A Flowering of Sorts

  1. gracie-chan says:

    “My experience in the piercing community is that its members tend to be thoughtful, sensitive, even cautious. Many, if not most, shows signs of empathy”

    Dude, seriously? It’s like any other group of people: you have the nice quiet people, the nice but aggressive people, and the tosspots and every shade inbetween.

  2. Paige says:

    Well said!

    I definitely envision why I get my piercings as a means to reclaim my body and continue getting piericings as a sort of “project” on myself to better my looks as well as my well-being. I don’t just get piercings on a whim [not saying it’s a bad thing if someone does] b/c I have a plan w/ my piercings, my body, and myself. I feel more and more like myself as I continue getting modded. If it makes sense. Gahh, sorry if this is all over the place haha

  3. James Gilbert says:


    Yes, I’m serious. I’ve spoken with a lot of our members privately for several years. They are very private and very sensitive, in my experience. Feel free to disagree.

  4. piercedconsumer says:

    I think the characteristic I see most often in people who are modded is body acceptance. Fat, thin, scarred, wrinkled, old, young, hung, or not–it’s all appreciated. Like Paige says above,by decorating ourselves, we become more comfortable in our skin.

    That’s a good thing for potential piercees to know, too, when they contemplate exposing parts of their body to a strange piercer for adornment. Good piercers are comfortable with the human body in all its shapes and marvelousness.

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