Totally stylin? or Totally trashy?


I STILL Blame Barbie!

As I mentioned in my earlier post about modified dolls, a previous version of tattooed Barbie was banned in 1999 after parent outrage.   Ever willing to ride the trend winds, it seems Mattel is trying again.  Barbie is once again big news, with the opening of a huge Barbie megastore in China and the release of Totally Stylin’ Tattoo Barbie.

Once again, I’m probably the last blogger to mention this–but I need time to think and percolate the data through that spongy thing on top.  My brain, that is.  I see even BME has an article (and they got their stolen borrowed picture bigger than mine, hmm.)

The fact that the doll comes with a “tattoo gun” this time seems to bother people the most, although it’s really just a device to put the stickers on. Here’s a sampling of some of the responses:

Tattooed Barbie? Why not just call it “Tramp-Stamp Barbie” and put a bull’s eye above her ass?

With all these whiney EMO kids the next Barbie should be “I like to cut myself Barbie” and “I want to die Barbie”.

. . . a tattoo gun so instead of applying it with a wet wash cloth, 8 year-olds can simulate that milestone in every minor’s life experience of actual needles pumping permanent dye into their growing bodies.

To be honest, I can’t say that I get too upset about the “oversexualizing” of children, or age-appropriate toys; preferring to angst over failing education and  parental indifference and neglect.  I’m sure at least one of my daughters would disagree, but the best toys reflect real life.  My six grandkids (5 of them girls) all like to trace Grammy’s tattoos.  I fail to see why a doll you put stickers on will lead to a path of depravity.

So where is Totally Pierced Barbie, anyway?  I’m waiting!

And here, just for fun, is Blogger Barbie from BitchBuzz’s Photostream at Flickr. ‘Tho it really needs to be the blond version for me!


Image is from Amazon, where you can buy your very own tattooed Barbie here.  Some additional sources:  MavTV, Now Public, and Whoa Momma.

. . .

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