Mixed Media


If the media is the message–what message is this ad sending?

This ad appeared in a current bar magazine for lawyers, advertising asset search services for attorneys.  In case you can’t read the text off my crappy cell phone pic, it says:  “Jenny Smith seem worth suing.  Unless you know she’s also Jennifer Kaminski, the real estate heiress.”

Clearly, the first message is that anyone with tattoos is shiftless, no-good, penniless scum; not worth suing because no one with tattoos could have any money, right? I think it’s even half-way implied that she’s homeless and living in her car.

As far as I’m concerned, this is another instance of blatant stereotyping of modified people by the media.

In a way, I suppose the ad could also be interpreted to mean that not all tattooed people are, in fact, homeless bums because the woman isn’t actually judgment proof–she just looks like it.   Nevertheless, the advertisers appear to think that that no one, judging from her appearance alone, would believe she is a upstanding member of society.

Except those of us with body art, of course, because we know better!

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