A Hygiene Sampler

sampler-2932479802_56f5f60b7d_mNo, not that kind of sampler.

Here’s a sampling of hygiene tips, because keeping yourself and your piercing clean is so important.  In particular, the number one rule about piercings and hygiene is:

Don’t touch your piercing with dirty hands!

Imagine the frustration of professional piercers who put so much effort into proper sterilization techniques and procedures, carefully explain aftercare to their clients, including the importance of proper hygiene and the need to keep it clean, only to find out that the piercing has been FUBAR’D by the piercee playing with it and touching it with dirty hands.  So, here’s:

Tip 1:  Wash Your Hands

The Center for Disease Control says:

Scientists estimate that people are not washing their hands often or well enough and may transmit up to 80% of all infections by their hands.  From doorknobs to animals to food, harmful germs can live on almost everything.  Handwashing may be your single most important act to help stop the spread of infection and stay healthy.

Here’s a nice little video from the CDC on how to wash your hands.  I particularly like how they show the little green germs spreading through contact.  Creepy! and I bet if you show this video to your kids, they will “get it” and be more diligent about their handwashing.

Tip 2:  For the guys

Here’s one specifically for guys with healing genital piercings.  Remember to wash your hands before urinating (as well as after) while your wound is still fresh.  If you touch your penis with dirty hands, well . . . those little green germs might get on there and you will have an infected wang.  Not good!

Tip 3: More about urinating

So, here’s a tip learned from postpartum procedures at the hospital.  After childbirth, they give you a little squeeze bottle and they tell you to fill it with water, and use it while urinating to lessen the sting.  Same goes for piercings, particularly female hood and labia piercings, or any others which the urine stream can splash on.  Use the squeeze bottle, or just pour some water over the area while urinating to dilute the stream.  Keeping well hydrated can also dilute the acidity in the urine, and make it less painful.

So there you have it, a few little clean hands clean willies clean kitties smorgasboard of hygiene and healing!

ETA:  Whoops! Forgot to credit the sampler photo to SDCDeaCerte’s Photostream at Flickr.

2 Responses to A Hygiene Sampler

  1. gracie-chan says:

    My piercer told me to drink milk to lessen the sting … I’ve heard that advice from other places before, but I’ve never tied it. It kinda makes sense though.

    • piercedconsumer says:

      Why milk specifically? Wouldn’t any liquid (except for those with diuretic action) work? I mean, by the time you drink the milk and it goes through your system, it’s still just urine.

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