Body piercing is not a competitive sport


Some musings . . .

How many piercings do you have? How big are your gauges?

There are some people who body modification as a competition.  They strive for more and more tattoos, more and more piercings.  A full body suit; the biggest stretched ears; the most piercings; the most outlandish mods. The I’m More Modified Than You people.

I don’t like the competition, but I’m not going to pass judgment.  How can I, because I truly understand how people can be motivated to do this.  I’m not even going to put up a pic of some of the people who have extensively modified themselves, who have 100 facial piercings, or full facial tattoos –they’re all over the net and frankly, some of them are little disturbing.

These people may only be competing with themselves, but their courage and passion for pushing the envelope have advanced the various arts of body modification enormously.  All of us who are part of the body modification community owe them, because it allows us to dream, to acknowledge the extremes, and translate them into our own body explorations.

Okay, this post started out as something completely different; but I would like to say:  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that “more” is better, and don’t measure your body modifications against someone else’s.  Get what’s right for you.

Thanks to Etohalic’s photostream at Flickr.

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