It looks so innocent . . .


floating there; as if suspended.   But that’s an illusion, it’s not suspended, it’s anchored. That’s a bezel-set faux opal imbedded there in my flesh.

And truly–I hardly know it’s there.  It’s been an absolute angel so far at two weeks, with an occasional slight irritation or ache at the most.    It’s  high enough so that it really doesn’t catch on anything or move much.

2 Responses to It looks so innocent . . .

  1. jbilove says:


    It looks really great, but I am afraid I don’t know much about anchors. Would you tell me if there is a site where I can look it up? Either that or just tell me about it. What is it anchored to? How is it anchored?


    Jim (jbilove)

    • piercedconsumer says:

      Anchors, also known as single point piercings or microdermals, are pretty new. The best place to start finding out is usually BME, and here’s the entry in the BME Encyclopedia: dermal anchoring.

      It’s basically a screw, attached to a “foot.” The foot is slipped under the skin, and has holes in it for the skin to anchor to. The jewelry (or top of the jewelry, if you like) is then screwed on.

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