5 reasons Cloud isn’t a piercer

Stick holes in people?  Nope.  Never gonna happen.  The opinions in this blog are strictly from a layperson’s viewpoint.  Here’s why:

1. You have to deal with people.  Actual, live people! Naked people!


2. It’s very science-y.  As in chemistry, and anatomy, and biology, and pathology.  Big fail here for Cloud!


3. It’s very medical.  No, piercers aren’t medical practitioners, but there’s blood.  And needles.  And blood–did I mention blood?


4. Hand strength and manual dexterity.  I don’t haz it.  Those little teeny balls and screws?  Fuggetaboudit.  I can’t even change my own jewelry, let alone insert someone else’s.


5. Money.  Piercing may be a rock star profession, but piercers don’t get paid like rock stars, unfortunately.  Tip your piercer well!


Thanks to the following peeps’ photostreams at Flickr: Ojote’s photostream; Jenn Jenn’s photostream; Image Editor’s photostream;  (is that a real person?); pareecia; and Daniel Morris

One Response to 5 reasons Cloud isn’t a piercer

  1. […] wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it myself for much the same reasons I couldn’t be a piercer.  And yet, I believe there are some valid points to be considered and perhaps valid circumstances […]

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