A question of pulsing importance

How do I take a good picture of my dick my piercing?

It seems men worry about these things.  Not having one myself, I can only imagine the compulsion to pierce, photograph, play with . . .  And guys do take pics of their dicks.  Lots of them.  And modify them in amazing, astonishing, and stomach-turning ways.  (But that’s another post.)

Meet Pierce:


He’s frowning–he can’t figure out how to take the best picture?  (Or maybe it’s the permanent case of priapism–ouch!).  So, what is the best way?  Erect? Flaccid? From the side? From the top? Here are some comments from guys who should know:

Personally, I think a good balance between pics of erect penises as well as flaccid ones is important simply because, in the course of a day, the penis will be erect one moment and flaccid another. . . After all, this is about sharing what’s real about our PAs, i.e., its appearance, how it feels when erect and flaccid, the experience we treasure, and, let’s admit it, it’s also about what other people think about our PAs . . . As with any kind of photo shoot, positioning and posing are necessary . . . in order to convey at least a sense of the piercing and the wearer’s experience with it rather than merely “exposing” genitalia.  It is the piercing that we’re interested in.  (tbruno)


Well, some people are interested in the piercings, at any rate. But it can be difficult to get the right angle and focus.

I tried taking many different angles, and pictures that accentuated the piercing and not my penis.  Pictures of genital piercings are often from so far away that you can’t really get a feel for what the piercing looks like.  (Sevenft)


I like the pics because they show the potential that a guy can achieve over time and with some work.  I got my PA a couple of months ago at 12g and definitely want to stretch to my maximum potential.  (hombre)

Hey, I’m all for potential!

Anyway, my point of view is this: Take a nice, in-focus picture of your genital piercing.  Aim for variety, erect, flaccid, above, below, BUT–and this is important–you do NOT need to post 20 different pictures of the same PA.  One or two will do, and trust me when I say–It doesn’t look any bigger from that angle!

And lest you stereotype poor Pierce with his purple balls, he has a companion:  Punky!


The things we piercees get up to! If any one has any further tips on taking your own genital piercing pics, I’d love to hear them.  Here’s the thread which inspired this post–thanks, guys! http://www.tribalectic.com/Drupal/content/pics-pa

2 Responses to A question of pulsing importance

  1. Amanda says:

    I love the dolls! Too cool 🙂

  2. piercedconsumer says:

    thanks! I like to be silly sometimes. And I really don’t want to put up genital pics, so this is a compromise.

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