Resources: Forums

Discussion forums are a great place to look for answers to your piercing questions and talk to others. Look at the website of your favorite body jewelry retailer for forums.

But Cloud, you said back when you were Dazed and Confused to listen to your piercers, not your friends.

Sure, always try to ask your piercer directly.  Your piercer is your expert resource and should expect a certain amount of follow up.  Call your piercer up.  Go in for a checkup.  (Be sure and tip for a face-to-face consultation if this is the custom in your part of the world.)

Sometimes your piercer lives too far away, or you can’t get hold of him; sometimes the advice is simply bad.  (There are still loads of piercers out there recommending Bactine.)  These sites also have FAQs sections, articles, and don’t forget the jewelry catalogs. Get a second opinion. Find a forum where people will help you out.  Ones to try:


Steel Navel


Thank you to Rekahop on Flickr for the pic.

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