Piercings are disgusting!

Why would you do that to yourself? Piercings are gross.  Piercings are disgusting.  Piercings are the work of the devil.

We get that a lot.  Piercings aren’t for everyone, it’s true.

And you know what?  WE DON’T CARE! Okay we do, sometimes, particularly when it’s family, friends, or employers.  But there’s a few things I want you to know:

To the Disgusted But Curious:

  • –Humans adorn themselves and change their appearance.  You do, too.  Clip, shave, pluck, paint, dye, bleach teeth, facelifts.
  • –We do it differently.  We may look differently. Get over it.
  • –Yes, it hurts.  No, we’re not all masochists.
  • –It’s not always about sex, either. But it can be.
  • –There’s a few health risks to the pierced person, sure.   There are risks if you dye your hair, enter the hospital, drive to work, cut your hand.  Just like everything else in life, better informed people make better decisions.  That goes for piercees too.
  • –there’s nothing inherently wrong, criminal, perverted, sadistic, or satanic in a piercing.  It’s just jewelry.
  • –We make good employees, or at least as good as the unpierced (tiny percentage) of the population.
  • –Health risks to you?  About as much as when you pick your nose or go to the bathroom and shake someone’s hand.  Now that’s disgusting.

–And a special message: Earlobes piercings are real body piercings.  PLEASE don’t get them done with a gun at the mall. Grow some balls and go to a proper body art studio with a good piercer and get them done right.  With a needle, not a non-sterile blunt instrument.


Thanks to this body piercing school which put the photo on Flickr to use, but . . . wha happened?  Fail?

One Response to Piercings are disgusting!

  1. […] people, or think it’s a teenage fad, or perhaps think all piercees are sexual deviants (see piercings are disgusting).  It’s impossible to explain that for me, there’s something beyond aesthetics, beyond […]

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