Piercing Profile of the Week: Josho

So, who get’s pierced?  Who are the real people behind the bling?  I’m starting a series of piercee profiles with my friend Josho.  Here, in live Q&A! Sorta . . .

Q.  So, Josho, tell me a little about yourself.



A. First,I’m a happily married, proud father of a beautiful 9 month old girl.  I’m an IT Support guro (aka: geek) at NASA, subcontracting through Lockheed Martin.  I also run my own IT contracting company, specializing in EMR system deployment for various Bay Area doctors.  Additionally, I am an Admin over at Tribelectic.  I’m a pretty busy guy! Most of my off-time is spent with my daughter and wife, playing video games, and participating in various music projects.

Q.  How did you get into body piercing?  How long ago, and why?

A. My primary interest in piercings came when I was about 15.  I wanted my tongue pierced and my mother, being the great parent she was, forbid me from doing so as long as I was under her roof.  Fortunately, I listened to her–otherwise I would have ended up being pierced at a shady shop.  I wound up become completely fascinated with not only piercing, but tattoos and body modification as well.

Q.  How many piercings do you have now?

A. I’m currently host to a set of 5/8″ lobes, a new pair of 8 gauge lobes (with intention to stretch more) and a 12 gauge vertical nipple.  I’ve retired two rooks, a set of vertical  nipples, a set of horizontal nipples, 10 gauge septum, and 8 gauge tongue.

Q.  If you could tell piercees one thing, what would it be? Piercers?

A. Do I really have only one thing? Haha.  First–research EVERYTHING.  Educate yourself on everything you can possibly find about what you want-aftercare, potential problems, what to expect in the experience.  And don’t be afraid to ask questions.

As far as piercers go–don’t be rude.  I can’t even count the number of times I have walked away from a shop because the staff and the piercers acted cocky.  Nobody wants to do business with an a-hole, seriously.  It’s a little thing called customer service.

Q.  Is there any body piercing topic or thing that is overrated or gets too much attention?

A. The idea that pierced/modded individuals are somehow freaks, or criminals, or intentionally going against the grain.  Honestly, we’re everywhere- we’re doctors, lawyers, IT people, enlisted in the military–hell, the list goes on.

Q.  You’re an admin on Tribalectic; tell me about your involvement there.

A. I spend 6 to 7 hours a day all over Tribe.  Admins help keep the peace, approve profiles and pictures.  I also work in the background by working closely with the owner to make improvements, pass on feedback, and and bounce ideas around for the site.  It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing (or hoping) that I’m giving something back to a community that’s given me so much.  Plus, the groupies rock!  (Just kidding!)

Q.  How have piercings impacted your life?

A. I’ve been very fortunate in my life that my piercings have been accepted and have not really negatively affected me.  My family, while not necessarily agreeing with my view on piercings, have completely accepted that what I do is my choice and that’s good enough for them.  My fascination with body modification has scared away some potential partners at times.  Ironically, my wife actually urges me to get more, instead of being the angel standing on my shoulder trying to convince me otherwise!

My piercings have really provided a positive impact in most facets of my life.  they’re something I know will be there as long as I choose, and have helped me through various experiences in my life.  It’s like having a best friend that doesn’t talk to you (most of the time.)  The body mod community, as a whole, is an amazing group to consider myself part of.  I’ve come to find that modded people are generally more down-to-earth and friendly than your average individual.  I’ve made tons of friends all over the world, and wouldn’t trade any of them.

Q.  You’ve been really great to offer this interview, Josho.  Anything else you’d like to offer?

A. I think this would really go out to anyone, not just the pierced in general.  Don’t be afraid to be you.  The one thing that makes people so great is we’re all different!  Instead of trying to hide it, or be ashamed of it–be proud of who you are!

Thanks, Josho! And, I’d be amiss if I didn’t mention his very own blog:  Viva La Josho!

2 Responses to Piercing Profile of the Week: Josho

  1. DC83252/Bob says:

    Being an old geezer I find it refreshing that more and more people accept the looks of piercings. It after all is just self expression.

  2. piercedconsumer says:

    one can only hope that tolerance is as addictive as piercings

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