The compression technique

How to avoid “the bump.”

Okay, I’m not a piercer, and this is a practice technique which I’ve never done myself, obviously, but this tip was given to me by a very experienced piercer I respect, so I’m passing it along to you.

One of the big problems in healing piercings is the dreaded “Bump”–raised areas around healing piercings.  They’re usually caused by mechanical stress from the jewelry, can come and go during the healing process, and can be hard to get rid of.

The usual, and good, recommendations to get rid of them are to 1) make sure your jewelry is appropriately sized and shaped for your piercing and change if necessary;  and 2) apply heat in the form of sea salt soaks and hot compresses, and massage.

But here’s a technique that can help avoid or lessen the occurrence of the Bump:  Ask your piercer to apply firm pressure to the other side of the piercing (the side the needle is exiting) after piercing.  Sterile cotton swabs can be used to apply the pressure.  This helps to reattach and realign the tissue–pushing it back where it’s supposed to be, in effect.  This is particularly helpful for cartilage piercings.

Does your piercer know this technique?  If not, ask for it!

2 Responses to The compression technique

  1. Amanda says:

    Interesting!! Have you tried the pressure technique?

  2. piercedconsumer says:

    sure, on the septum and helix. Didn’t get a “bump” on either one, though the helix didn’t heal well and had to be retired. Sometimes you live and learn.

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