Resource Spotlight: Tribalectic

Get your questions answered here!

I have a special place in my heart for Tribalectic, a website that styles itself “The Definitive Source for Everything Pierced.”

Back when I first started looking for help and answers to questions, I spotted an ad in a tattoo magazine.  I forget exactly what it said, but what caught my eye was something like, “join Tribalectic’s community and talk to other pierced people.”  So I joined up, and it’s been my home-away-from-home ever since.

Tribalectic is a full service online retailer of quality body jewelry, but what I’d particularly like to highlight here are the forums. I’ve learned so much over the years by participating in the forums, and have been privileged to help others with what I’ve learned and to make many friends from all over the world.  The look and features of the site have recently been updated from the old “Bat Cave,” with a bunch of social-networking features added, but to me the forum is still the heart and soul of “Tribe”– it’s still one of the best places around to get in touch with your peers and learn about piercing.  You can find me there (Cloud) talking to folks and answering questions.  If you are a professional piercer, there’s also a forum just for you! Check it out:

Of course, there’s also the jewelry catalog, galleries of piercing photos, individual blogs, chat room, free email, newsletter, articles, and a host of other stuff.  In particular, one of the great things about ordering jewelry from Tribalectic is that it comes to you pre-sterilized (except for organic jewelry and other things which can’t be autoclaved.)  So check it out!  Here’s the link to the main page:

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