QVC for piercings?

One of the most important things to do for your piercings is to keep them clean.  For facial piercings this can be especially important–makeup and skin care products, as well as normal skin oils and dead skin cells can goop them up, and are not good for fresh, healing piercings, either.

My friend, SLB, who has many facial piercings, says that someone gave her this little gem:  Clarisonic Facial Cleansing System.

At almost $200, it’s pretty pricey,  but she got it as a gift, and says:

[I]t is the most fabulous piercing cleaner! I don’t know if anyone else finds that facial piercings can be sensitive to clean. Microdermals also meant no more facial scrubs, I got tired of trying to avoid getting little grains into them. My handy Clarisonic does it all and my jewelry looks sparkly every time. Oh yeah and my skin is great too, lol, almost forgot that part!

Something to add to your Christmas wish list, perhaps?

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